At this time of year we are all inundated with ads for TOYS.  Baby Shark Fingerlings, next-gen Mr. Potato Head, Robotic Hedgehogs, Hatching Dragons, Elsa’s Ice Palace.

But in most of Ethiopia, children could not even fathom those kinds of toys.

Of course Ethiopian kids love to play just as much as your kids do!

They just have to make their own fun.

They make do…

finding whatever they can and making it into a toy.

Football (our American soccer) is a favorite of most all Ethiopian kids.  Balls are a treasured possession but a typical soccer ball lasts a very short time because of the rocks and rough terrain where soccer is played.  That doesn’t stop children from kicking a flat soccer ball or even fashioning a ‘ball’ made out of rags and string – the game must go on!

Unpoppable futbols are designed to withstand the harsh elements so common in rural Ethiopia.  They never need a pump because they never go flat.  We can purchase them in bulk with our non-profit status, making each ball only $25.

We want to provide a whole bunch of these incredible soccer balls for our kindergarten children and for the kids in many of the villages where we do friendship evangelism.  You can’t imagine the doors a new soccer ball opens for relationships and for sharing the gospel!