My name is Teshita.  My tribe are all M*slims.  There are some Christian churches for people who moved to our area, but my tribe hates Christians and will do them harm if the opportunity presents itself.  My family is very devout.  My father is a sheik who studied in Saudi Arabia and is Haji, so all of us kept the rules, daily praying salat.  Unfortunately for us, a church was constructed close to our house.  My father hated hearing the worship and preaching so he sold our house and moved to the countryside away from any Christian influence.  Having to leave our house and the town I grew up in made me hate Christians all the more.

I wished there were no Christians on earth!  

I went back to my hometown to visit my aunt.  Still angry, I saw a Christian girl and deliberately rammed her with my motorcycle.  It felt good to hurt an infidel; I didn’t stop to see how badly she was hurt, but hoped she suffered.

Many M*slims chew khat (a hallucinatory plant) in order to get closer to All*h and, as many M*slim men do, I became addicted.  One night after chewing khat I fell into a deep sleep.  Isa (Jesus) came to me dressed all in white.  He said, “Accept me.  You attack my people, you attack my Word.”

“Now is the time to come to Me.” 

I woke up and was sure it was Satan who spoke to me.  The next night I had another dream.  This time Muh*mmad came at me with a sword and all was dark, dark and I was frightened.  Then Light came between me and Muh*mmad and Muh*mmad started to fade away and become smaller and smaller until he disappeared.  I was gripped with fear… fear of Muh*mmad and fear of this person who was light.  But the person of light identified Himself as Jesus and hugged me, replacing fear with a peace and joy I had never known.  Jesus told me to go to church.

When I woke up, the dream was still very real and I remembered Jesus’ words.  I went to the only church I knew about… the one next to our old house.  It was a Meseret Kristos church and the pastor and elders led me to an understanding of who Jesus really is – the Son of God.  When my family found out, my father was very angry and tried everything to change my mind.

But I could not deny Jesus.  

My family completely disowned me and for my safety I moved to another town to study God’s Word further.

I am 21-years-old and just married a beautiful Christian woman who shares my desire to tell others in my tribe the truth about who Jesus is.  I am passionate for my tribesmen to know the freedom, peace and forgiveness that comes with being a Christ-follower.   Being a missionary to my all-M*slim tribe is not easy.  My wife and I moved to one town where there had been no exposure to Christianity at all… except they are taught to hate those who follow Christ.  It became so dangerous for us, we had to leave.

I now serve in another village that is a little better, but our lives are not completely safe.  God encouraged me by drawing five people to Himself and I am faithfully studying the Bible with them.  Just two weeks ago my family saw me sharing God’s Word and severely beat me.  But I remember how Paul suffered and I haven’t faced half of what he endured.  All I know is I must bring light to my tribe.

I am in God’s hands.