He encircled them, He cared for them, He kept them as the apple of His eye.
Deuteronomy 32:10

The wooden fence surrounding our kindergarten and worship center in a rural village in Ethiopia had a big challenge standing up to the harsh elements in that area.

Torrential rains and fierce wind gusts in the summer months did their best to take down that enclosure.  Eventually, the weather won the battle.

The church built there six years ago is the only Christian church in this M*slim area and is a target for the more radical elements.  So, for the safety of our 60 school children, the church and evangelism outreach, we knew the fence needed to be replaced with a cement wall – and soon!

Our longstanding partners at Lighthouse Church have ‘adopted’ this village.  Another incredibly generous donor gave $12,000 to make this wall a reality.  God used the body of Christ to construct a very secure wall that will enclose the kindergarten and church.

Lighthouse organized an amazing fundraiser where families filled paper bricks with loose change to raise money for the security wall.

The cement wall cost $35,000, so we knew it would take quite a few pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters to make a dent.  We were blown away when Pastor Paul announced that he was delighted to present NLE with a $15,000 check!!  We are so grateful for the faithful people from Lighthouse!

The materials were purchased and foundation work began.

The wall is growing taller by the week – a wall that is built on a rock foundation to withstand storms.  Sounds rather biblical!

One day this security wall will, prayerfully, surround more than our school and worship center.  We have a dream of erecting a training center in this secure compound where a two-year field Bible school will be held for the 30 missionaries serving in dangerous places.  It will also be a retreat/teaching center for new converts who can come and stay for 5 days.  The center will be a safe place where former M*slims can learn more about Jesus, get questions answered, pray and worship.  At the end of 5 days, there will be a baptismal ceremony and communion for those who choose to take that big step.