Seventy-five percent of the men sent to their tribes as missionaries have come to the Lord through dreams and visions.  Many received miraculous healings that drove them to learn more about this Jesus who heals.  The men serving among four unreached people groups in Ethiopia are from M*slim backgrounds and most of them have suffered from family rejection, oftentimes accompanied with beatings or death attempts.


*Serif is one young man that has recently been sent out as a missionary with NewLife Ethiopia.  His tribe is extremely resistant to the Gospel and Serif knows that only as the Holy Spirit opens people’s hearts will they be receptive to his words.  He is a man of intense prayer.  God has been preparing Serif for years to be strong in his faith for such a time as this.


Serif’s father is Ethiopian Orthodox and his mother is M*slim; they are divorced. When he was 19 he became extremely sick and on the verge of death. A Christian friend prayed for him to be healed and he immediately recovered. Serif was always conflicted whether to follow the Orthodox or M*slim way, but after his miraculous healing he wanted to learn more about Jesus. He read the Bible and asked many questions, finally knowing that Jesus is the only way. He is committed to telling his kinsmen about the beauty of Jesus and the assurance of heaven.


*Abdul is a farmer and raises potatoes, maize and teff (Ethiopian wheat) to help feed his family.  Before he came to Jesus, he hated anyone who was a Christian.   A good friend turned to Jesus and he became very, very angry and tried to beat him with a stick and was surprised when he didn’t fight back.  Shortly after that he woke up with boils all over his body and hovered for many days between life and death.  During that time he saw a man in white (Jesus) in a dream and his wife also had several dreams showing Abdul worshiping in a Christian church.  He asked his friend who became a Christian about his dream.  His friend told him about Jesus, prayed for him and he was healed.  Abdul is passionate about telling everyone he can about Jesus – His love, His forgiveness and His healing touch.

*names changed  

There are other missionaries like Serif and Abdul who need monthly support to continue doing the work God has called them to do.  The fields are white for harvest!  Help support one laborer in the field with a commitment of $75/month.