A small but growing group of new believers in rural Ethiopia have been meeting in a ‘church’ made out of sticks covered with tarps for worship and teaching from God’s word.

They are hungry to learn all they can about Jesus Christ, who has set them free from a life of works and ritual with no guarantee of heaven!

But they are quickly outgrowing that humble and wind-blown meeting place as God faithfully adds to their numbers each week.

These are all former followers of Isl*m who have come to salvation in some pretty amazing ways! They don’t have the financial resources to build a church but they do have an incredible group of brothers and sisters in Christ on the opposite side of the world who they have never met and could hardly imagine.

These folks from Sozo Church in Puyallup WA have some pretty big hearts for their family in Ethiopia. They put their heads together and decided to have a garage sale to see if they could raise enough money to help NewLife Ethiopia build a church (which will cost ~$6900).

Sozo families began gathering things and soliciting donations of gently used items to sell.

Over this last weekend, they had a giant garage sale where many people came by to take advantage of some great deals and to help support Sozo’s vision. These amazing friends raised $5400!!

THANK YOU Sozo Church for this amazing gift and for reflecting Christ so brightly. Your family in Ethiopia will be impacted for eternity!

So we, who are many, are nevertheless just one body in Christ, and individually we are parts one of another – mutually dependent on each other.
Romans 12:5