Just recently born.

Impossibly tiny.

Dangerously close to death.

Most every baby at our Mana Gammachuu orphanage comes to us the same way.


The police usually bring these abandoned children to the orphanage, with the government’s approval, because there is no other option to provide care for them.

They are immediately evaluated and provided with clean, warm clothes.  They start on a regimen of good preemie formula brought from the U.S. and are enveloped in the great love and attention of our wonderful nanny-mommies.


Then our stateside staff go to work.  Each child is added to our priority prayer list – we ask God to raise up a special, God-picked family in Ethiopia to adopt him or her.

And we seek a sponsor for each one – someone halfway across the globe who becomes that child’s advocate.  These wonderful sponsors provide rescue for these weak and defenseless babies and they too begin praying for a family to adopt them.

What a privilege to show you the faces of these precious little ones and to be able to send good news to a sponsor that an Ethiopian family has chosen them to become their very own son or daughter.  When that happens a new prayer card is sent to the sponsor for another child whose life story will be changed.  Child sponsors have a vital role in the Kingdom of God!


Right now we have four babies at our Joyful Place orphanage who don’t yet have a sponsor.  Just $50/month helps us provide formula and loving care for Yahwah, Addis, Sabona or Muse.  God tells us these children who are defenseless and without hope matter to Him.  You can be part of their story!

Give justice to the poor and the orphan.
Uphold the rights of the oppressed and the destitute.
Rescue the poor and helpless.
Psalm 82:3-4