2019 Annual Report

Through your generous and faithful support, many life stories in Ethiopia have been changed. Our relationship with and accountability to our donors is a responsibility that we do not take for granted. Together, we are investing in lives transformed by Jesus Christ – new life stories like the ones you’ll read about below.


100% of your monthly sponsorship helps the designated orphan, kindergarten student or missionary

96% of all other donations are spent in Ethiopia


Kedir’s Story

Kedir was raised in a fundamental M*slim home, learning to hate Christians from an early age and seeking opportunities to attack them.  Several nights in a row Jesus came to Kedir in a dream warning, “You attack My people, you attack My Word.  Now is the time to accept Me.”  In one dream M*hammed came at him with a sword, paralyzing him with fright until a strong light emerged and M*hammed shrunk smaller and smaller. Frightened and confused but gathering up his courage, Kedir sought out a Christ-follower who had always responded with kindness when villagers attacked him.  The missionary shared Truth and he accepted Jesus as Messiah, which caused his family to severely beat and completely disown him.  Kedir knows full well the cost of following Christ, but is passionate about sharing his newfound freedom and peace with his friends.


Spreading the Gospel…
Look what God has done!


28 indigenous missionaries serving in 21 M*slim villages among 3 different people groups

11,717 people heard the gospel for the first time

448 became committed Christians

10 house churches were established

2 new churches were built


Orphan Care

Joyful Place orphanage cares for up to 20 babies and toddlers at a time.  Adoption is counter-cultural in Ethiopia, but it is imperative that children be raised to adulthood in stable, nuclear homes.  To help reach our goal of a family for every child, we host area-wide orphan care seminars with an emphasis on God’s heart for adoption.

Biniam’s Story

Just 2-days-old when the police brought him to our orphanage in Shashemene, a baby boy was found wrapped in a towel laying at the edge of a busy market.  He was named Biniam and he grew strong and healthy under the nurturing care of the orphanage staff. 


A couple with two boys in university attended an adoption summit and left knowing God wanted them to invest in the life of a child through adoption.  Tseheyie and Tigist were the loving parents God provided for Biniam, altering the direction of his life forever.  They changed his name to Dagmowit which means “second chances”.  Tseheyie explained, “God provided Jesus for us and Dagmowit made us parents again.” They will open up a world of opportunities for their new son and introduce him to faith in Christ.  Second chances all around! 


Caring for orphans…
Look what God has done! 


26 children were cared for at our Joyful Place orphanage in 2019

200 people attended our Adoption Summit in Shashamene to learn about adoption

11 abandoned babies were adopted to Ethiopian families





Jamal’s Story


Five-year-old Jamal started his first year of kindergarten in the fall.  He is one of 23 children; one father, several mothers.  He, his mother and eight siblings live in a small hut in a M*slim village with no running water or electricity.  His father lives elsewhere with another wife and family.  Missionaries reach out to the families of the school children.  While visiting Jamal’s mother, they witnessed a radical encounter with Jesus who delivered her from a lifetime bondage to fear.  She subsequently accepted Jesus as her Savior.  Jamal is now open to hearing stories of Jesus during chapel and will be involved in the children’s program at his village church.


Teaching young children…
Look what God has done! 


60 children from extremely poor M*slim families attend our village kindergarten

20 students  graduated to first grade at the government school

Families and children heard the grace-filled Good News of Jesus the Savior




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2019 Annual Report