by Joy Casey in Ethiopia


The group of gals I am traveling with this month are loads of fun to be around.  They have their feet on the ground, tackle any need presented, are compassionate servants —  overall a dream team.


After church our first Sunday, we went to a park by a lake.  It was a lovely afternoon in every way as we walked the dappled paths enjoying the warm air and greenery.


The park is known for several varieties of monkeys and birds.  We found out both were used to having people around and were quite friendly, especially if you had something for them to eat.


After having fun with the monkeys, we sauntered to the water’s edge.  A wedding celebration was in full swing with music and dancing and next to the reception area boys were diving off the rocks into the lake. 6 diving It was fun to watch their lithe bodies soar through the air and gracefully dive.  It is always nice after an intense time of ministry to have a break, laugh and enjoy the people and beauty of Ethiopia.