Last week I got our monthly orphanage reports, with photos and updates on each of the 13 babies and children in our nannies’ care.  This one floored me.


This sweet little girl has been transformed!  See for yourself what good preemie formula and lots of love and attention can do…


Felmetuu came to us weighing just under 3 pounds.  She had no body fat whatsoever.  She was on death’s door. Frankly, I did not think she would survive.

But thanks to the generosity of many people like you, we were able to give her the nutrition she so desperately needed.  She is now a beautiful four-month-old baby with full cheeks and a healthy glow.


Her story has a different ending now, all thanks to you! The majority of the abandoned babies that the police bring to us have a story similar to Felmetuu’s.  They are found lying in the dirt, behind a building, next to a fence, left either to die or be rescued. Your giving helps us make a transformation like Felmetuu’s happen.  It is as simple as that.

If you’re able, we would be so grateful for your financial gift today to help us continue to change lives like Felmetuu’s.  Thank you SO much for partnering with us in this God-ordained work of caring for orphans!