This past week 40 people learned oral Bible stories along with techniques on how to facilitate an inductive study of the story, also done orally.  The workshop was held in one of our church plants in a primarily Muslim village.  Villages in this area of Ethiopia are tribal, storytelling cultures where the majority of people are illiterate.  The last day of the 5-day workshop every student was given a solar powered New Testament and God’s Stories from Genesis to Revelation laying out God’s plan of salvation for mankind.  Simply The Story (STS) is the method taught and the solar Bibles are also produced by this wonderful organization.

A few reflections on the week …


“I learned I can minister everywhere.  I have learned also how I can do that easily.  Instead of reading so many verses at once, I now read slowly and take one story and study it in depth.  I didn’t know I could do the work of God with just sharing a story and asking questions about it.”  ~~ Tesfaye


“I will now study God’s Word with commitment.  I can now share it everywhere easily, be it on the road or at my work.”  ~~ Husseina


“Many people read the Bible, but there is no life in their reading and it doesn’t remain with them.  What I have learned in these days is that both literate and non-literate are alike equal.  For those who are illiterate and think they cannot serve others by preaching and sharing the scripture, now the time has come that God has brought this type of service.  This week we studied at least 20 Bible stories orally.  Now they are imprinted in us and we remember them easily.  If we continue like this we can achieve a lot.  The Lord has brought this time for us.  Now everyone, even the elderly, can share the Word of God with everybody!  From now onwards no one can say they can’t share the Gospel with others because they cannot read the Bible.”  ~~ Gutto


“Those of us who cannot read used to sit and be afraid to share about Jesus.  Now this week we have studied Bible stories and all stories remain in us.  We can share them with others!  I believe God has heard our community so that He brought us this opportunity.”  ~~ Momina


“I learned a lot and I can use Bible stories to evangelize.  I was not evangelizing like the way I am planning now.  From now on I will use stories to reach others.  It is amazing that I was given an audio Bible so I can constantly hear God’s Words!”   ~~ Mergia


“I learned it is better for me personally to use Bible stories and share them with others instead of talking about the current situation a person is in.  I used to think that Old Testament and New Testament have no connection.  Now I found out that the things in the Old Testament have found their fulfillment in the New Testament.  I have also decided not to read the Bible fast.  I must take time and read it slowly.”  ~~ Mamush


“I am so grateful for the audio Bible I was given!  I will listen, listen, listen and learn God’s Word.  Then I will tell my neighbors the amazing stories that show how God loves everyone.”  ~~ Fejiso