The Ethiopian culture does not support or encourage adoption.  Adoptees traditionally are looked at as second class citizens and certainly not on equal footing with biological children.  Even the word ‘adopted’ in Romans 8:12 is omitted in the current Amharic translation (there are those working to update the translation).  For the past five years we have hosted adoption workshops targeting the Christian community to inspire them to rise up and fully embrace the orphans in their town as Christ Himself has embraced them.


Thankfully, 25 of our babies over the last five years have been legally adopted by Ethiopian families.  With the closure of international adoptions, it is vital we intensify our efforts to inspire and equip the evangelical church in Ethiopia to provide permanent families for their parentless children.  Mana Gammachuu consistently has 20 little ones to care for and find homes for.  When one is adopted, his or her crib is filled with another child desperate for care.


Later this fall we will host a two-day workshop in Shashemene, the town where our orphanage is located.  We will get the word out to all the churches in the area through the Evangelical Church Fellowship and by individually contacting pastors.  We hope to have 100 Christ-followers receive inspiration from some of the gifted orphan advocates in Ethiopia who have agreed to speak at our workshop.


The cost for NewLife Ethiopia to put on a conference like this is $5,000.  This includes the transportation, lodging and food for our guest speakers from Addis Ababa.  It also covers lunch and tea breaks both days plus materials for one-hundred people.

Provide a family for a child by financially helping NewLife put on this seminar.  The investment and dividends render eternal rewards.