Those of us working with NewLife Ethiopia are radically and passionately committed to providing family for every child brought into our care.   We are guilty of celebrating with pictures and details every time a little one is enveloped by a family of their very own.  If we could accompany the images with trumpet blasts and fireworks, we would!   Twenty-three children from our Mana Gammachuu orphanage have been placed in loving Christian homes in Ethiopia.  Each placement is a miracle, an answer to prayer.


On the spiritual side of adoption, a throw-away child is embraced in a home where Jesus will be introduced at an early age.  Exposure to Christ in a loving, secure atmosphere increases the likelihood that an individual will eventually choose to be a part of God’s kingdom.


On the human, practical side of adoption there are innumerable ways a family provides emotional stability and protection for a child.  The recent June 2018 Trafficking in Persons Report reinforced the immense vulnerability of children who have been orphaned with a new emphasis on trafficking likely for children growing up in orphanages.


The international community agrees on one thing:  FAMILY is the most conducive environment for the growth, well-being, and safety of children.  God designed the family as the best environment for children.  It is imperative that the innocent lives entrusted to our care become part of a family setting as early in their development as possible.


The arms of Mana Gammachuu (Joyful Place) welcome and nurture babies and young children with no known parents.  But we hope they come in one door, receive consistent nurture and love, and go back out that same door as the cherished son or daughter of a godly, stable family.


An institution, even a well-run institution, cannot replicate the emotional companionship and attention found in family environments that are prerequisites to healthy cognitive development.

New life stories are a cause for celebration!  THANK YOU for helping to make this possible.