Naoli came to our orphanage in March 2017 when he was less than one week old, so he has spent his entire life in the care of our wonderful nanny-mommies.  He was abandoned behind a wooden pool shop in Shashemene and left for dead.


God, however, had His eye on Naoli and has completely and wonderfully changed the story.


Dejene and Aster, both teachers and Christ-followers, have two children but they opened their hearts to God’s plan of adoption and wanted very much to be a family for an orphaned child.  They are so thrilled to bring Naoli into their family!

We are SO grateful for the family who has sponsored Naoli while at the orphanage, which meant we could give him all the formula, food and love he needed.  We need your help!  Perhaps you’d like the opportunity to be part of another abandoned child’s life story?  If so, please visit our website and you can be matched with a baby.  Thank you for asking God how you might be part of a pretty wonderful story!