My name is Lalise (La-lee’-say) and I am seven weeks old. Late one night in early June a man was walking home and heard me crying.  He searched in the dark to see who it was and was shocked to find me laying on the ground next to a house.  After checking with a few people in the neighborhood and asking if they knew who I belonged to, he took me to the police station.  The constable at the station was a woman and she decided to take me immediately to the hospital.  I spent six days there but no one ever came to claim me.  That’s how I came to live at the Mana Gammachuu orphanage.


There are many other babies here with a story very much like mine.  We don’t have parents who either want or are able to care for us.  Each of us probably would have died if God hadn’t provided this place for us to live.  One day we hope to have a mommy and daddy like other kids do.  You or someone you know can help make sure we have full tummies, clean diapers and lots of hugs and kisses from our nannies by sponsoring one of us with a monthly gift of $50.  Thank you from me and my buddies here in Ethiopia!