I have the privilege of introducing several babies in Ethiopia to you!


When Rameto was just about a month old, someone left him lying on the ground near a funeral home.  His cries were heard and he was scooped up and taken to the police station.  A search ensued for anyone who might know who he belonged to but no one was found.


He was given to our Mana Gammachuu orphanage where many abandoned babies are brought because the orphanage is known for giving excellent care and for finding families for the children.


Rameto is now about 3 months old and is growing into a healthy little guy. But we need an advocate for him and for many of his friends at the orphanage!  For $50/month you will help us provide him with good formula and with nannies who love and nurture him as we seek to find a family in Ethiopia to adopt him.

The bottom line is we cannot do this ministry of orphan care without you!  Take a few minutes today to consider if God would give you the great joy of helping to change a life story.