Every child deserves to be wanted.

The babies at Mana Gammachuu orphanage were each abandoned and without hope but we believe God is re-writing their futures! Your sponsorship helps provide essential formula and the loving care of many dedicated nannies until we can find a family in Ethiopia who will adopt them.

Every child deserves a family.

We are actually hoping that the children are in our care for a relatively short time because that means a mommy and daddy were matched with them.  Child sponsors with NewLife Ethiopia often hear that ‘their’ child was adopted and are assigned a new baby to support… and this is great news!  As one child is integrated into his new family, another needy little one takes its place.

Without your help, we could not provide excellent care for these precious ones, many who are found extremely malnourished and in precarious health.  The ‘before and after’ pictures say it all.


Felmetuu was found lying on a riverbank.  She had obviously been born prematurely and was literally skin and bones, weighing barely 3 pounds.  Was her birth mother a single woman facing scorn and unemployment because of her child?  Was she destitute and couldn’t provide the needed care for her newborn?  We don’t know but God certainly does…


God has a future and hope for Felmetuu!  She is getting lots of preemie super-formula, is steadily gaining weight and her sponsors are making this possible!  We look forward to the day we can share the good news that Felmetuu has been adopted.

Please be part of changing the life story of one of our babies! 

For $50/month you’ll help provide formula and care for a child like Felmetuu.  Here are some of her friends at the orphanage who need a sponsor!

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