boraBora went from addictions and hopelessness to freedom and hope!

Over the past two months, 93 people in one evangelistic outreach area have turned from Islam to embrace Jesus Christ as Savior.  Bora was a man who listened to the missionaries tell about life with Jesus and finally knew, like the Apostle Peter, that Jesus is the long-awaited Messiah.  His countenance and outlook have changed so radically everybody in his village is asking him what happened … and he is delighted to tell them.  His immediate family are attending church and learning about Jesus.  He is also telling his extended family the Good News and bringing them to relationship with Christ Jesus.


beaten-nle New convert badly beaten after refusing to recant his Christian faith

A young man was taken to our training center for safety and to recuperate after he was brutally beaten and kicked after revealing his decision to follow Christ.  He was unable to walk and was barely conscious when a fellow believer came with a car to help him.  Experiencing such violence for following Christ, he was nevertheless adamant that he knew Jesus was the Messiah foretold by the prophets.  After he is back on his feet, he said his greatest desire is to be baptized.



trainingConference ignites the church for evangelism

One of our evangelism sites is in an area that is 99% Muslim.  There are very small churches in the towns consisting of a few existing Christians, but no evangelism is done because of fear.  Recently, NLE offered training to 45 key leaders of nine local churches.  They were taught how to evangelize, set up discipleship training, how to plant churches and the necessity of making their fellowships welcoming to Muslim converts.  At the end of the training, a church fellowship was birthed.  The leaders of these nine churches will gather every month to evaluate the evangelism activity in the area, discuss the challenges they face and encourage one another.


new-convert2“I want to share Jesus with the Somali people.”

Siraji is an Ethiopian from the Oromo tribe and was forced out of Somalia to live in a town where a very active missionary told him about Jesus.  He had never heard the truth about Jesus before.  “I was without peace and happiness throughout my life.  But after I became the friend of “M” and heard the Word of God I was filled with unexpected peace and happiness.”  He wants to study the Bible and then share his faith with the Somali people.  Siraji is married to a Somali woman and has a daughter who he misses very much.  He asks for prayer to be united with them.



aidiobible-nleCan’t read?  No problem!

It is impossible to exaggerate the need for solar powered audio Bibles.  In the areas where we serve, the vast majority of people (especially women) are illiterate.  It would be wonderful to put a solar Bible into the hands of new believers like Bora in their Orominya language.  Saraji and his wife speak Somali.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to give him a Bible in both Orominya and Somali languages?





Please help us put God’s Word into the hands of new converts.