It’s hard for us to imagine how common it is to find a baby in Ethiopia left lying on the ground or perhaps wrapped in a blanket and tucked next to a fence post.


In Tariku’s case, someone left him in the dirt near the local police station – likely a desperate birthmother who hoped the police would find care for him.  He was estimated to be about 2 months old and he was fairly healthy.


This little guy has always been a happy baby, developmentally on target and very responsive to his loving nannies. Tariku is now almost two years old and was chosen for adoption by a wonderful Ethiopian couple.

tariku-familyTariku’s mom and the Mana Gammachuu nurse

Jemel and Birtukan had two daughters but knew their family would welcome a little boy.  Jemel is a police commander and Birtukan runs her own small business.  They are committed Christians and they know that God is showing His goodness to both Tariku and to their family.  Their response when asked about adopting: “God has blessed us in this son!”

Generous sponsors make it possible for us care for the babies, like Tariku, who are brought to our orphanage by the police and to find families willing and able to adopt them.  Tariku’s life could easily have ended that day almost two years ago – many children don’t survive.  But thanks to YOU we can help to re-write their life stories!

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