Family.  It means the same in every culture. Now two of our precious little ones from the orphanage are lovingly embraced in their very own forever family.

Chaltu was just about 24 hours old when she was found lying on the ground behind the police station.  Perhaps her birthmother hoped the police could find someone able to feed and care for her since she couldn’t.  Chaltu was placed in the Mana Gammachuu orphanage but then spent almost a month in the hospital being treated for severe malnutrition.  She has been slowly gaining weight and getting lots of good preemie formula.


And now she has the love and attention of a dear mommy and daddy in Italy!  Daniel is an electrician and Debora is also a working professional.  Chaltu’s big sister is very excited to have a little sister too!


Oliyad was also found abandoned and was placed in another orphanage.  The government shut down that orphanage due to poor care and Oliyad came to us in rough shape.  He is now healthy and in the loving arms of his Dad, Marco, and his mom, Cristiana.

We are giving big praise to God for placing these two into wonderful Italian families!