Adoptive parents are always looking for help in finding ways to secure their child’s bond with them and books are a wonderful tool.  Sitting on a parent’s lap or snuggled up on the couch, sharing a story can be a great conversation starter or assist in verbalizing love and security in new ways.

61k7utsi0dl-_sx258_bo1204203200_God Found Us You
“Mama, tell me again about the day I came home…”

bridgethatlovebuiltThe Bridge That Love Built
“What happened before I was yours?” Many times, children adopted after their early years have gaps in their stories. This book is a revisiting of the unknowns armed with the truth of God’s Word and the promise that “even darkness is light to Him.” We might not have been there for every moment or milestone, but God was.


Chosen By Love
Chloe experiences ridicule from other kids because she is adopted. Seizing the opportunity, Chloe’s mom shares a secret with her that helps Chloe see just how special adoption is and how it points to an even bigger blessing.

Here are two children’s picture books that aren’t written specifically for adopted kids but that illustrate many of child’s feelings and concerns.  Both are written by Ann Stott and the wonderful pictures are by Matt Phelan, one of my favorite children’s illustrators.


I’ll Be There covers lots of the steps kids make toward independence, while always reinforcing the parent’s presence, love and support. It would be great for parents who adopted their child when they were fairly young, as it starts with ‘Did you push me in a carriage when I was a baby?’ and ‘I gave you bubble baths in the kitchen sink.’


Always emphasizes every child’s need for their parents’ unconditional love.  Children know that their parents love them when they are good… but what about when they aren’t?

Check your library for these and also please leave a comment with any other books you’ve found to be helpful!