Most of you are aware of the ups and downs of international adoption from Ethiopia that resulted in permanent closure.  In the midst of the debate, six precious little ones from our Joyful Place orphanage were given paperwork for adoption internationally.  Due to politics, our State Department wouldn’t allow U.S. agencies to issue referrals for many months prior to the vote by the Ethiopian Parliament on Jan. 9, 2018 that officially closed international adoption.

A long-time friend heads an Italian adoption agency so we contacted him about our children and asked if there were Christian Italian families who would adopt these children.  The Ethiopian government will process the adoption of any child who had proper paperwork prior to the closure.  We are happy to report that all six children have Italian families eager to adopt them.

zerubabel-9-17-8   zerubabel-nle

Zerubabel was estimated to be about 15 days old when he was found lying on the ground behind a medical clinic in Shashemene.  The police brought him to the orphanage but our staff saw immediately that he was severely malnourished and had him admitted to the hospital.  After a lengthy stay, he came back to the orphanage where he was fed and held and kissed and cared for.


Zerububel recently went home with his new parents to Italy. Antonio Luigi works in the tech industry and Rosa is a social worker who happens to be Ethiopian!

muleta-aug-2017-2   muleta-nle

Muleta came to us at 14 months old from another orphanage which was shut down due to neglect and poor care.  He was very sick initially but thanks to the attention and loving care of the nannies and nurse, this little boy has been gaining weight and growing into a healthy toddler.


Muleta’s dad, Paolo, is an electrical engineer and mom Cristina is a primary school teacher.

One other child has a court date this month and three will get court dates soon.

Adottato e Amato… Adopted and loved!