Easter. A time of great celebration, yes… but also a time to meditate on why Jesus came to earth and what his death accomplished. The central purpose of Christ’s life and death was to reconcile people to God, and the last instruction from Jesus to His followers was to make sharing the Gospel our central purpose.


Baptism in Ethiopia is a serious step that signifies a break with an old way of thinking and allegiance to the Christian faith.  New converts need to step away from their surroundings and have their questions answered, learn basic fundamentals of the Christian faith, receive prayer and enjoy fellowship and worship.  There are training centers associated with some of our outreach areas where new converts come to learn for 5 days and then are baptized.


There is an urgency to bring Christ to people in Ethiopia who have never heard the truth about Jesus.  For now, there is freedom in Ethiopia to share the Good News, although in most places defined as unreached*, persecution of Christians and especially new converts can be intense.  NewLife Ethiopia encourages 36 full-time evangelists and we are happy to report that many people are becoming baptized Christ-followers.  Recently, ten new churches have been planted in places where there has never been a Christian presence.


When Joy Casey is in Ethiopia next month, she will witness the baptism of 27 new believers!  Every story of conversion and baptism is unique and we are joining the angels in heaven rejoicing! These stories, culminating in baptism and ongoing discipleship under the auspices of the local church, are the central purpose of our ministry in Ethiopia and how we are fulfilliing Christ’s command to GO INTO ALL THE WORLD… meeting needs, teaching, and baptizing.