Through the generous support of faithful friends, God’s work in Ethiopia through NewLife has flourished!
Thank you for your trust, for your heart to bring others to Christ and for your resources to accomplish
the many wonderful things you’ll read about below.




Every M*slim in Ethiopia has an opportunity to respond to the Gospel and be discipled by a Christ-follower

NewLife Ethiopia sends same-culture, same-language missionaries to villages that have never heard the Gospel. Through training seminars, the Ethiopian church is mobilized to lend support to new church plants and actively engage in M*slim evangelism.




A thriving church plant in a M*slim-dominated area has sent seven missionaries to surrounding villages.  In one village, the missionary engaged the Im*m and, over time, the Imam came to understand the divinity of Jesus and the way to eternal life.  This strong leader has been the catalyst for many in his village to come to Christ.  He has donated his personal property so a church can be built for the many tribesmen who now call themselves Christ-followers.





o Missionary sponsors ~ $75/month
o Training Center Construction ~ $18,000
o Field Bible School funding ~ $7,500
o Youth Outreach curriculum & teacher training$1,200




Every abandoned child brought to our orphanage will receive a permanent home through adoption.

We count it a sacred trust to care for children who have been found abandoned.  Many babies come extremely malnourished and all of them need nutrition, love and individualized care given by our dedicated nanny-mommies and support staff. 




Joyful Place orphanage cares for up to 20 babies and toddlers at a time.  Adoption is counter-cultural in Ethiopia, but it is imperative that children be raised to adulthood in stable, nuclear homes.  To help reach our goal of a family for every child, we host area-wide orphan care seminars with an emphasis on God’s heart for adoption.

In 2018, 7 children were adopted into Christian Ethiopian families but there is a great need to recruit more families who will adopt. 


Felmetuu’s mother vanished after leaving her prematurely born daughter in a hospital waiting room.  It is dangerous to be a preemie in Ethiopia as there are no specialized facilities to care for them properly.  Felmetuu remained in the hospital for a time and then was released to our Joyful Place orphanage weighing a mere 2.5 pounds and not expected to live.  But with the constant care of nannies coupled with preemie formula donated by Americans, Felmetuu thrived and the change that took place is nothing short of miraculous.  This precious girl has now been adopted into a wonderful Christian family in Ethiopia and we give thanks to God for allowing us to be part of her incredible story!




o Monthly or one-time orphanage support
~ any amount
o Monthly sponsors for babies and toddlers in the orphanage
o Funding two adoption training seminars for Ethiopian couples
$5,000 each




Each child will receive an outstanding educational foundation along with introduction to the person of Jesus Christ

We currently have 60 students in three classrooms


Momina was born with spina bifida and comes to school in a wheel chair.  She is learning and enjoys her days at school.  She has ongoing health problems and the family sponsoring her for kindergarten has taken a special interest in getting her help at a Christian hospital about four hours away from her village.  NewLife Ethiopia was also given funds to build a new house for her large family of 15.  But the most exciting news is that her mother and father have recently become Christ-followers through the witness and practical love expressed through the kindergarten education of their daughter. 





o Sponsors  for kindergarten children ~ $35/month  or  $420/year
o Security wall around the church and school property  ~ $28,000


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NewLife Ethiopia is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity.

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