Right before Thanksgiving NewLife Ethiopia’s Gift Catalog and beautiful card arrived at the Nichols’ house, sparking excitement among the younger set of children.  Ezzie and Emmaus joined the family from Ethiopia, Zion is from a local birthmother adoption and beautiful Salome’ has Hispanic roots.


Days were spent pouring over the catalog and visualizing how the gifts would help.  Everyone buzzed up to rooms to find funds, everything they had, to fill in the order form.  Salome’ wanted to buy a motorcycle, but realized that was not in her budget so adjusted her order to help babies with formula and diapers.  Zion gave his savings of tooth fairy money for orphanage supplies and Ezzie leaned more toward supporting evangelism.  Studious Emmaus purchased school supplies and two children’s bibles.  Broad smiles reflected the joy of filling the list with their names and exactly what they had – content and excited to tell big siblings that they’d chosen some things in their names, too!

Christmas wishes and pictures were shared with Zion’s birthmother along with the anecdote about purchases for Ethiopia.  She said it brought tears to her eyes that Zion had given his tooth fairy money for the orphanage supplies. She’s thankful and proud of his generous, kind heart.

Blessings abound!  The givers are full of joy at the giving, the recipients are grateful for necessary things, and observers and hearers of the story are encouraged.  God never blesses in just one way.  His goodness and grace is always multi-layered.  We at NewLife Ethiopia extend our thanks and appreciation to the Nichols’ clan for big hearts and an outpouring of generosity this Christmas season.