Once upon a time in a city suburb, a woman heard a baby’s cries coming from a ‘public restroom’ – the latrine in her neighborhood compound.  In the toilet she found a baby girl who appeared to be a newborn.  The police were summoned and immediately took the baby to the local hospital.  A nanny from our orphanage stayed with baby girl for ten days – because in Ethiopia someone from your circle of family or friends must stay in the hospital with you to provide food, baths and meet all needs other than medical care.


Today, Baby S is wrapped in soft blankets as she gets lots of good formula and the tender care of our wonderful nannies.  She joins many other babies with similar stories… one who was found on the ground by a fence at the bus station.  Another left behind the police station, likely by a birthmother who hoped her child would be found and cared for because she couldn’t provide what was needed.

Stories like these happen over and over in Ethiopia.  Poverty is rampant.  Food prices are sky-rocketing.  Women and children are very vulnerable.


You are making it possible for us to rescue and care for 20 children now in our Mana Gammachuu orphanage – re-writing life stories for each of them.  Our goal is to find families for each of these precious little ones.

As we focus on the infant Savior born into humble circumstances I am reminded again of the great love of Almighty God to come to us in our desperate need.  And I’m so thankful for opportunities to extend that same love to others, like Baby S, who need so much.

Thank you for helping us meet needs through your generosity via our Gift Catalog and your year-end giving!