A nurse found a newborn baby on the bathroom floor of a hospital.  After the tiny girl was released from the hospital, Mana Gammachuu (Joyful Place) orphanage took her into care.


Three days later, another newborn baby was found behind the bus station.


Little Miss ‘M’ is now snuggled down in soft blankets with a full tummy.  She is secure with lots of love and plenty to eat.  What will be the futures of these two little ones born just days apart?


Our goal is family-based permanency through adoption for each child in our care.  So far …

  • 14 children have been adopted by Ethiopian Christian families
  • 7 are living in the U.S. with their adoptive families
  • 2 cutie-pies are in process to be adopted locally
  • 2 little girls will be leaving the orphanage soon to go to America with their new families
  • 7 boys and girls are waiting on paperwork to be adopted internationally; one is a tiny baby with significant special needs
  • 6 babies, including the three just found, will need homes
  • 1 five-year-old girl needs a foster home in Ethiopia (her mother is in prison and she is not adoptable)


Each little life represents a unique story, the end yet to be written.  Each person, no matter their size or beginnings, is precious in God’s eyes.

We know that the best environment for a child’s healthy development is a nuclear, loving family.  When adoption is viable, we will work tirelessly to find the very best families for each one.