by Joy Casey

Ethiopia has stopped allowing mothers or other family members to make an adoption plan for their children.  But prior to the ban, we had the privilege of facilitating a number of relinquished children for adoption.  I am committed to stay in touch with as many birth family members as I can, and they have become dear friends to me over the years.


When I was in Ethiopia a week ago, I was happy to see many mothers, aunts and uncles who came to the orphanage to meet with me.  For each I had encouraging pictures to give and I also read them a letter (with an interpreter) usually from the adoptive mom and sometimes from the child, or both.


There are oftentimes tears of joy mixed with nostalgia as they look at the pictures and listen to the letter.  These snapshots into their child’s life… living in another culture on the other side of the world… brings much peace and joy.


We take pictures of the Ethiopian family representative and send that, along with an update on how/what they are doing, to the American family. It is wonderful to keep the children connected to their Ethiopian roots in this way.