We will never know why a tiny baby girl was left on the ground in a residential area of Shashemene, Ethiopia.  The police guessed she was about one month old.  Perhaps Oborti’s desperate birthmother was young and unmarried, which meant she was virtually unemployable and that no one would ever marry her.   Or maybe she found she could no longer feed her little girl.  Although her beginnings are not known, her future is bright.


Girma and Fantu attended one of our adoption workshops and after their homestudy process was completed were overjoyed to select Oborti as their little girl.  She joins a brother also adopted from our Mana GAmmachuu (Joyful Place) orphanage.  This couple who were unable to have children will now provide a loving home to two babies who had been abandoned.


Every child deserves a family.
God is rewriting the life stories of many formerly abandoned little ones and thanks to your financial and prayer support, you are part of their stories!