We love walking the path God has set us on.  Advocating family-based permanency for abandoned kids while providing a loving environment of care for them brings great satisfaction because we are actually changing a child’s life!  It doesn’t get better than that!

What person or organization wouldn’t be energized by encouraging evangelists laboring in hard places or building a new church?  And then there is our vision to change an entire community by impacting their young children through education and transforming the worldview of their parents through faith in Jesus.

This is what invigorates us as an organization and as individuals.  It is our happy place.


We LOVE doing what we do… but without your help our influence is diminished.  We need friends and followers.  We need your friends to become our friends.  We need you to network on our behalf.

We are now on most of the major social media platforms, including just recently jumping on board Instagram, and would love to invite you to follow us, like and share our posts.

Thank you for helping us in these simple yet impactful ways!

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