People in Ethiopia living in deep poverty are in a cycle without a lot of hope.  Most have little or no education and their older children are often needed to work just to survive.

In the rural village where NewLife Ethiopia has established a kindergarten, every family lives in desperate poverty.  There is no electricity or running water – most people get there by donkey cart.  Homes are made of sticks and mud, with dirt floors and sparse ‘furnishings.’  Cooking is done outdoors over an open fire and food is scarce.  There are no stores and no medical facilities.  Farming is the way parents provide for their families but the land is arid and hunger is prevalent.


When faced with the cost of uniforms, books and admission fees (what to us would be minimal), the prospect of school for their children can be grim.  Yet we know that education is absolutely vital to break the cycle of poverty.


The Mana Gammachuu kindergarten provides a unique educational start for 40 students in this village.  They receive a uniform and supplies plus lunch each school day.  The teachers are Christ-followers who share the Good News in addition to introducing reading, writing and math.  Their parents are also hearing the Gospel and are extremely grateful for this opportunity for their children.

For $30/month, sponsors in the U.S. are making this all possible!  They receive a prayer card and quarterly progress reports, as well as updates when our staff visits the village.


We still have six three children needing a sponsor for the upcoming school year… would you like to give a child an opportunity their parents can’t give them?

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