What parent doesn’t appreciate some suggestions for summertime activities with their kids?  After playing outside, it’s nice for parents and kids to snuggle up together with a good book.  Here are a few you might check out at your local library or bookstore. These cover a variety of age ranges and though all are not directly related to adoption, they will be great conversation starters!

chosen-by-love Chosen by Love by Tom Jaski
Chloe experiences ridicule from other kids because she is adopted. Seizing the opportunity, Chloe’s mom shares a secret with her that helps Chloe see just how special adoption is and how it points to an even bigger blessing!

forever-fingerprints Forever Fingerprints by Sherrie Eldridge
Lucie is excited to feel a baby moving in her Aunt Grace’s tummy but it makes her think about her adoption story in a different way. The tools offered in this book help adoptive parents assist their children in creating a unique connection to them and her birth parents.

god-found-us-you God Found Us You by Lisa Bergren
This heartwarming and tender tale captures the immensity of looking at God through a young child’s eyes and the profoundness of the blessings that adoption brings to both parent and child.

is-that-your-sister Is That Your Sister? A True Story of Adoption by Catherine Bunin
An adopted six-year-old girl tells about adoption and how she and her adopted sister feel about it.

i-love-my-hair I Love My Hair by Natasha Tarpley
This whimsical, evocative story about a girl named Keyana encourages children to feel good about their special hair and be proud of their heritage.

hes-got-the-whole-world He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands by Kadir Nelson
Inspired by the song’s simple message, Kadir sought to capture the joy of living in and engaging with the world. Most importantly, he wished to portray the world as a child might see it—vast and beautiful.

  a-new-barker A New Barker in the House by Tomie dePaola
The Barker twins, Morgie and Moffie, meet their adopted three-year-old brother, Marcos… but he only speaks Spanish.

i-wished-for-you I Wished For You by Marianne Richmond
The story follows a conversation between a little bear named Barley and his Mama as they curl up in their favorite cuddle spot and talk about how they became a family. Barley asks Mama the kinds of questions many adopted children have, and Mama lovingly answers them all.

mommys-heart Mommy’s Heart Went POP! by Christina Kyllonen/Peter Greer
A beautiful rendition of a family’s journey as they wait to go overseas to bring a child home.

Please leave a comment sharing any books you are enjoying with your kids!