The outpouring of support has been so encouraging after the recent news about our orphanage receiving several children from an orphanage that was shut down by the government.  So many have designated financial gifts to be used for specific needs such as formula and cribs and others are giving money to be used ‘where needed most.’  ALL of your giving is a direct answer to prayer!

We got to hear about how one family shared the newsletter with their children, ages 10, 9, 6 and 4½.  The family has neighbors who have adopted a child from Ethiopia so orphaned children in Ethiopia are a special concern.

The oldest noticed her grandmother’s concerned expression as she silently read the email and asked what was wrong.  As the content was read aloud, the children began talking about it and asking questions.  They wanted to do something to help these orphaned children.

Dad told the kids that if they felt God was calling them to send money, he would double whatever they chose to give.  All four children were so excited and ran to their rooms to get their coin purses and wallets.  That evening after dinner, the family prayed together that all the needs at the orphanage will be met and beyond!

Grandma shared, “I know without a doubt that Jesus is so delighted with the love, compassion, tender care and teaching that is done 24/7 for the precious children at the Joyful Place orphanage.  We’ll be waiting to hear how God meets this great need!”

So many parents are very intentionally exposing their children to the world desperately in need of God’s touch and their compassion overflows.  Though these are very tough issues, the heart of Jesus is being cultivated in the next generation!

If you would like to help us meet the needs of these abandoned children, please visit our Gift Catalog.