by Joy Casey in Ethiopia
written May 5, 2017

Today was focused on adoptive families, both Ethiopian and American.  I had the joy of visiting three Ethiopian families in their homes, each one extending incredible hospitality.  The adopted children from Mana Gammachuu orphanage were happy and healthy.  But more than that, the families that adopted them were ecstatic about adoption.  They are telling everyone in their churches and workplace to adopt!  I was blessed to my toes to see the love showered on these children and how they are thriving surrounded by their own Mom, Dad, Grandmother, cousins, aunts and uncles.  It is as it should be.

Ethiopian Adoption Stories


Sentayu, a surveyer, and Bizunesh, a secretary, own a lovely home but it seemed empty because they had no children to fill the rooms.  When they heard about Mana Gammachuu’s adoption program, they immediately decided to adopt. After a homestudy and court work, they proudly brought their baby daughter Bereket home.  She was 3-months-old.  They renamed her Hawine (How-een’ee) because it means ‘I was in need of you’.  They have had her for 3 ½ months and they are proud parents indeed.


Bizunesh had to leave for a funeral, so we only have a picture of Hawine with her father.  When asked if they would recommend adoption to others, Sentayu promptly said, “Absolutely!  I strongly advise my friends, my church family and even people at my work to adopt.  I want to add another child when Hawine is older.”



I was welcomed into Birke’s beautiful home to visit with her about her and her husband’s adoption experience and to see Zeynaba.   Zeynaba was 1 year, 9 months old when she was adopted from our Mana Gammachuu (Joyful Place) orphanage, and now she is almost 3-years-old.  They renamed her Jallane (Ja-lahn’-ee) because it means ‘we love her’ and it is quite obvious this is true.


When she was adopted, all relatives from the surrounding area came together to celebrate her addition to their family.  “We all were so grateful for her, and that is why we call her Jallane,” Birke explained.  Birke has 4 adult boys and 1 adult daughter and really wanted another daughter, but the real reason was James 1:27.  “Because of God’s word, we knew we needed to adopt.  Many people ask me ‘Where did you get this child?’  I am always advising everyone to adopt.  And when Jallane starts school, I want to adopt another.”   Birke summed up adoption like this:  “Adoption is of God and a blessing from God.”  A-men!



Rabira’s mother greeted us, but Lema, Rabira’s father, who is an evangelist, was at a church conference and was not home.  They live in a small house that they rent for $23 a month.  Fetenech explained to me that she was distressed and sad because she was unable to have children.  She felt like Hannah in the Bible and called out to God.  God answered her by leading her to Mana Gammachuu and Rabira.


Rabira was 10-months-old when they adopted him.  They have had him for 11 months and Fetenech is obviously enamored with her little boy.  She says her husband is absolutely crazy about him and calls home often while away to see how he is doing; he doesn’t want to miss anything!  Mama Fetenech said, “I have told everybody in our church and work how wonderful adoption is!   I hope many others will adopt.  Adoption is the best thing for children without parents.  It is God’s blessing for children and parents.”

If you would like to help families in Ethiopia address the orphan crisis in their country by providing the necessary training and a homestudy, visit here.