by Joy Casey in Ethiopia
May 5, 2017

My time among the people in Ethiopia has reminded me how blessed I am to be here.  FYI… I have the best job in the world!


I went to the orphanage this morning about 9 a.m. and all the children were outside on the grass.  The six tiny babies were laying on a mat or being fed by one of the nannies, and the older children, ages 21 months to 3 years were playing around and about.  It was a peaceful, happy scene.  The little girls had their hair braided and despite some mismatched outfits, every one of the toddlers were cute as buttons.  Sometimes when I first come to the orphanage the children evidence behavior of stranger danger and cry.  But for some reason, when I came and sat among them in the presence of the nannies, in a matter of minutes they crawled up on my lap or held out their hand to me.  No one cried when I picked them up and after 10 minutes or so there was competition for my lap.  I was in heaven.


Three adoptive families are coming tomorrow to meet their child, and I am so pleased to know that it won’t take long for the children to warm up to new Mom and Dad.

Two little girls received a small gift and a picture of their new families.  They looked and looked at the picture and somehow seemed to know it held special significance to them.  It will be put on the wall by their crib until the happy day when they can meet their family face-to-face.

There is a sad note, though.  We have been caring for an abandoned baby who is now almost a year-old.  He has a congenital birth defect affecting his spine and cognitive development.  He is very tiny and fragile.  One week from today he will be seen by a SIM missionary doctor from the UK at the Cure Hospital in Addis Ababa.  We will then know more about a diagnosis and possible prognosis.  I am praying that I will find an American family to adopt him.  If any of you reading this know of anyone ready and capable of caring for a special needs child, please connect us. 

Tomorrow is another day with the children and I will be concentrating my time on those that might be adopted internationally.  I also will visit three Ethiopian adoptive families in their home… can’t wait!