by Joy Casey in Ethiopia Oct 2015

Food is not only a necessity of life but our social lives are centered around food. It is no different in Ethiopia. Hospitality and honor are shown through the coffee ceremony and I love that beautiful tradition. Today Jeff Burns and I are in Gimbie. Gimbie is “out there” and is not cosmopolitan and the restaurants are certainly not accustomed to catering to “ferengi” (foreigners). So, when in the countryside of Ethiopia, eat as the locals eat. For breakfast, we were served dabo (bread) with our eggs. Along with dabo came honey.



Along with the honey came bees!


For lunch, we walked to a little place that has the reputation of having good meat. It is all they serve. And it is fresh!


It is cut up before our very eyes, spices are added and then it is taken out back and cooked.


It is VERY tasty.


Since all they serve is meat, this restaurant would be good for those on the Atkins diet plan.



As we sat on our benches chewing hunks of meat and laughing with our friends as well as the new acquaintances sitting next to us, our view was of the police station across the street.


At dinnertime, we had many more choices.


Life is good!