Continuing our series of posts with updates about our amazing staff…

Compassionate, tenacious, prayerful are only a few words to describe the attributes Becky brings to her service with NewLife Ethiopia.  Her incredible administrative skills have put the necessary structure to all our areas of service so they can run seamlessly and with the highest integrity.  Becky is the bones of the organization without which vision would quickly become chaos.





Becky and her husband Jeff live in Oregon where they were both born and raised. The Burns have three grown daughters and relish their role as grandparents to three darling little girls!

Jeff often travels to Ethiopia as a photographer, and many of the impactful pictures seen on our website and in other communication are the result of his talented eye for details.  He also produces our promotional video material.

Given Becky’s incredible ability to set up and maintain charts and spreadsheets that keep us all organized, she is a gifted writer and much of what you read on our blog, Facebook and newsletters is from her talented pen.  She also works intimately with our web guy to design and maintain all aspects of our cyberspace presence and communication.  When our staff runs into technical trouble, Becky gets a call!

When international adoption was still an option, Becky coordinated all the adoption details of the children in the orphanage and was the point person for adoptive families.  Her responsibilities now include all communication with sponsors, producing print and online material and maintaining our social media presence. But above and beyond all that Becky does (and she is relied on for a lot!), it is the time spent daily with her Lord that defines how she does what she does. Becky’s faith in God as Father to the fatherless and His daily undergirding keeps her focused on the eternal work NewLife Ethiopia is about.