If you’re like me, you have several bibles in your house… NIV, NLT, NKJV, etc… Not to mention the story bibles written for your kids. It’s an embarrassment, really, when I know that so many across the world don’t have even one copy of God’s word.


In the areas where NewLife Ethiopia is doing evangelistic work, there are many new Christ-followers who need the bible written in their native language.  We want to be able to provide children’s bibles to the kids in these families.


For only $5 each, you can provide a brightly illustrated children’s Bible in the Orominya language, filled with stories of Jesus the Savior. Perhaps your Sunday School, youth group or summer VBS could be challenged to raise funds to buy Bibles for the missionaries, kindergarten teachers or pastors to give to a child when they come to know Jesus.


We would love to partner with your church to get God’s word to many kids in Ethiopia.  We’ve also found that kids love to take on a challenge like this and are often really successful because of their passion and energy to meet a goal that helps other kids.  Contact us if you would like help in engaging your church or small group in this wonderful opportunity!