Continuing our series of posts with updates about our amazing staff…


Mark Wolbert is one of the most compassionate people you will ever meet.  God has undoubtedly given him the gift of mercy and, as our Mission Team Director, he helps others experience the joy of extending God’s love and grace to many in Ethiopia.  All who serve with Mark agree that the people of Ethiopia impact their lives much more than they give.


Mark led his first mission trip to Ethiopia in 2008 and every year since then he has taken multiple teams to serve the very ‘least of these’ in a variety of locations and situations.   The teams Mark leads have conducted vacation Bible schools, assisted with church maintenance projects, painted murals at the orphanage and kindergarten, run sports day camps, made house repairs, planted trees, and delivered food and supplies to widows.


All of these service projects are done with a focus on extending God’s love very personally to each individual being served. Taking time to sit with people, listen to their stories and pray with their newfound friends has more impact than all of the wonderful acts of service.


Mark spends a lot of time preparing his teams before they ever hit the ground in Ethiopia.  He takes them through a very intentional time of cultural sensitivity training, teaching that helping others through short-term mission trips is not so much about what help is given but rather using these activities as a way to build relationships with people.


Everything is done through our local church partners and the team is acutely aware that they are in Ethiopia to support and encourage what the local church is doing in the communities they serve.

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Mark has been married to his wife Liane for over 30 years – they have three children and two grandchildren.  Mark is a missionary and raises his own support.  If you would like to support Mark, visit our link here.