Chessa Andersen was adopted from Ethiopia when she was two years old. The Andersen family has a very special concern for Ethiopia and the untold number of orphaned children there.  They have partnered with us over many years in meeting the needs of our orphanage and Chessa’s mom Nicola has visited the orphanage with Joy.

When Chessa and her friend Samantha decided to start an after-school Gymnastics Club for the girls at Cathcart Elementary School in Snohomish, WA, the Andersens saw an opportunity.  At the end of the six week session in November, they sent out a letter to each girl’s parents telling about our orphanage and asking if anyone would like to help meet the great need of our monthly orphanage budget.  Approximately $250 was raised – a great blessing for our babies!

THANK YOU to Chessa, her family and friends for providing formula and other necessities for 13 babies and toddlers! What a wonderful gift!