written by Joy Casey

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Baptism in this culture is serious business.  It is a public confession of faith that tells their community that they have broken with Isl*m and will be forever followers of Jesus.  New believers are well-aware of the danger this bold statement puts them in.


Dressed in their baptismal robes, it was a boisterous group of converts and encouragers singing “All God, All God, All God.  We got Jesus Christ and we will be in heaven with Him.”   One by one, they were buried in baptism to rise as Christ-followers.


Clutching their new Bibles, they headed back to their villages forever changed.  I wonder what they will face.  Some of them will be like Sheik Adam (name changed) who has been a follower of Jesus for 1½ years. Adam was raised to be antagonistic toward Christians and the mosque even paid him to physically attack them.  He said, “The love of Jesus changed me completely.  He forgave my awful behavior and I am safe with Him.  Now I am working to turn others to The Light.  I was a killer and now I love people.”  Adam has given his property to the church to build a worship center and he has led 75 people to the Lord.  On this day, six of his kinsmen were there to be baptized.  They saw the radical change in Adam’s life and started asking questions which Adam eagerly answered.  Adam admonished this new group of converts to “Go home, give your property to the church and bring hundreds to the Lord.”

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