Think for a minute. Imagine what life would be like with no family. No mom. No dad. No brothers or sisters. No one to give a child the guidance necessary to grow strong and emotionally healthy. This, however, is the sad reality of many children in our world including the thirteen babies living in our Mana Gammachuu orphanage.


Adoption breaks the cycle of abandonment.

RabiraYibika and Fetenech are proud new parents of a little boy. Rabira was found by the police in Shashemene and placed in our Mana Gammachuu orphanage when he was just a few days old. He grew strong and healthy but we knew his future stability depended on a nuclear family enveloping him as their own. Yibika is an evangelist with a local church in Shashemene and Fetenech works as a secretary. They have no other children and are delighted to be mama and papa to 11-month-old Rabira.


IMG_20160712_120248Twenty-two-month-old Zeyinaba will receive lots of attention from her four brothers and sister. Her youngest brother is 17 and her oldest brother is 26, so it is certain she will be doted on. Her father, Furi, serves on staff at a church in Shashemene and Birike, her mother, manages the home. The family is delighted to have a baby girl added to their family.



We are overjoyed to have now placed eleven formerly-abandoned babies into loving Ethiopian families!

July 2016

If you would like to help make more Ethiopian adoptions possible, you can do so via our NewLife Ethiopia Gift Catalog here.