by Joy Casey in Ethiopia



I learned an interesting fact about the Rift Valley.  Apparently there are shifting Teutonic plates that every so often shift in such a way that a portion of the land sinks.  This happened to a stretch of road between Shashemene and a town about a half-hour away where our orphanage is.



I was hoping to visit this area, but with the road out the half-hour journey now takes five hours over back roads that require a 4WD.  So … I will not be able to go.  I found out that another portion of the road to this town dropped this morning, isolating the town further.

Two of the evangelists that work with our ministry are catching a ride on a truck to come to Shashemene today to meet with Abebe, Zerihun and me.  These two men are working amazingly hard and are planting churches in areas that are essentially unreached (less than 1% Christians).