It’s really an honor to promote our Gift Catalog as a way for folks to give.  What more meaningful way to spend your gift-giving dollars than on someone you’ll never meet but who will appreciate the gift more than most?

never repay

I thought you might be blessed to see what was donated via our Gift Catalog in the month of December:

15 portable water filters mean water free of parasites and bacteria
14 complete bed sets – frames, mattresses and bedding
5 bags of charcoal, used for cooking fuel
2 solar light bulbs
8 goats
4 new houses to replace dilapidated ones
6 soccer balls and 2 pumps
3 financial packages to help an Ethiopian family to adopt a child
1 surgery for a widow for things like cataracts or fistula repair
9 sets of food staples for a month
1 new set of clothes
1 new pair of shoes
5 bibles
1 audio bible
9 school packages – fees for one year, supplies and backpacks
1 Jesus Film dvd
$150 in emergency medical help
$250 in evangelist support

For our orphanage:
1 crib and mattress
15 cans of formula
4 baby swings
4 packages of cloth diapers
$540 general orphanage support

Several people chose to give toward the ministry’s ‘Greatest Need’, which is a huge blessing that allows us to address a variety of urgent needs.  We received $3595 in this category!

It doesn’t take us very long to distribute these wonderful gifts and we are always in need of your generous donations via the Gift Catalog.  If you’d like to give, you can do so easily and securely on our Gift Catalog webpage:

We know that for many of you, this giving is sacrificial.  “Thank you” seems a very inadequate way to express how much your generosity means to those we serve in Ethiopia. We are grateful that God, above anyone else, sees your hearts and blesses you!

The generous will themselves be blessed
for they share their food with the poor.
Proverbs 22:9