Perspectives in Parenting is a website/blog written by an adoptive mother of eight children who is also a missionary.  Selina writes about many adoption topics, with a goal of sharing experiences, encouraging other adoptive parents and bringing God’s word to bear on all of life as a parent.  Below are a few links to some very insightful posts but be sure to spend some time on the website looking at all the topics available!

Dear Parent of a Newly Adopted Child
”You’ve spent months (maybe even years!) dreaming of bringing home your child. Somewhere in the midst of the excitement of choosing a name and the fun of decorating a bedroom, you lost sight of the one truth that you so desperately need in order to survive this adoption…”
For the Parent Ready to Quit
”Maybe you’re struggling with a special needs kiddo and you’re feeling stretched beyond what your body feels it can stretch. Maybe you’ve adopted a trauma/RAD child, and you are just TIRED of cleaning up poop. (Figuratively and literally.) Maybe you’re a mama who thought you could trust God with the children (both number and needs) He felt you could handle—but you’re pregnant again and the little ones aren’t listening and the laundry has turned into Mt. Everest and your friends and family keep asking you “Don’t you think you have ENOUGH children?”…and you’re wondering if HE really can be trusted?”


10 Things You Wish You Knew About Older Child Adoption
Really good, practical and eye-opening truths about what it’s like to adopt older children – both before coming home and the journey of healing and bonding afterward.