What better way to communicate to you, our partners in this ministry, than in the words of our staff in Ethiopia?  They speak on behalf of the thousands of people you are impacting through your prayers and your financial support…

From Abebe Getachew, In-Country Representative

Happy Christmas and New Year! I would like to express my deepest and genuine appreciation and gratefulness for the work you have accomplished by your extraordinary support. Many children have got the opportunity to go to school with all the necessary school materials and good lunch in their lunch box, equal to their classmates.

Therefore, it is my greatest wish to say thank you very much for all what you are doing for the poorest of the poor in this country. I hope you will continue working with the ministry in the future to change the lives of the helpless.

From Pastor Zerihun Girma, Lead Evangelist

IMG_2354_thumb7[4]I am very grateful to our Lord Jesus for giving us a tremendous harvest in the Muslim area of Ethiopia. I believe the Holy Spirit is moving mightily in these last days and Jesus is coming soon. I send my warmest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to you for covering the missionaries and my salary and transportation expenses. This has greatly helped us to pursue the vision we have to reach the Muslims in different places through evangelism. Moreover, giving this opportunity to all the missionaries and myself to fully engage in the evangelism activities with much less worry about our family’s monthly expenses. In 2015, our ministry reached more than 5000 and about 600 peoples are saved through our missionaries. We acknowledge God is the only One who deserves all the glory and honor. We have 41 missionaries; all of them are former Muslims. They all have powerful testimonies and work wholeheartedly in complete dedication, love, and unity.

I will continue on working committed to our missionary goals as long as God be with us and your support to the mission work stick with. I would like to say many thanks again.

From Ephrem Gebremariam, Orphanage Director

EphriamRight now in Shashemene we care for 13 orphaned children who receive care and support until they get a permanent family either through domestic or inter-country adoption.  During their stay in our orphanage center children will be provided with food, clothes, medical service, and everything they need. In this regard, the babies get formula, milk, comfortable cribs, and toys. The nannies love them and are very helpful to make them healthy and strong.

So, I would like to thank you very much in my name and on behalf of the organization for your support that you generously donate for the orphan care services of Mana Gammachuu. Even if the formula is very expensive, you donate every time. Due to this, the children have high quality care and will keep very healthy and happy. They also thank you very much.

I hope you will continue to help the children in Ethiopia, and we will keep praying for you. I assure you that we have endless thanks for you all the time.

Have a very blessed Christmas and may God bless you.

Happy New Year!