When a tiny baby girl was found abandoned on the ground near an elementary school, everyone looked for who she could possibly belong to but there were no answers.

She was brought to our Mana Gammachuu orphanage and the nannies, recognizing how malnourished she was, began feeding her good formula so that she would gain weight.  Saron thrived and grew under their loving care!

Pastor Melaku and his wife Buze pastor a church in Shashemene and God has given them a heart for adoption! They wanted a little girl and fell in love with Saron when they visited the orphanage.

They also wanted to set an example and have been a wonderful spearhead for adoption within the Shashemene church community.


This precious little girl, once found abandoned…

now has a wonderful family who love her to pieces and shower her with affection and nurture. 
She is being raised to know and love Christ!


We REJOICE over the culture of adoption being promoted in Ethiopia through the local church and through ministry’s like Adoption Ministry, providing training to prospective adoptive families. 

God is placing the lonely in families!  Psalm 68:6