Tingirt 11-14 (2)
Little Tingirt was abandoned and brought to our orphanage when she was just a few months old.  With the loves and kisses showered on her by the nanny-mommies at our Mana Gammachuu orphanage and the nutritious formula given to her, Tingirt grew strong and happy. 
At the end of December last year, Adoption Ministry hosted an adoption seminar for Ethiopian couples interested in learning about adoption – something that has not been part of Ethiopian culture.  After attending and subsequently visiting Mana Gammachuu, a wonderful couple eager to adopt a baby girl instantly enjoyed a connection with Tingirt. 
On April 3rd, Ferede and Meseret formally adopted their 10-month-old daughter and brought her home.  Ferede has a Bachelor’s Degree and works for the Shashemene Muncipality office and Meseret stays home to dote on Tingirt.  With a grandmother, two big brothers Beka and Chala (ages 23 & 18), and 14-year-old sister Sara, she does not lack for attention! 

Etaferaw loves children and was hired as a nanny for our Mana Gammachuu orphanage.  Etaferaw is married to Girma who is a driver for the hospital, and they have one biological daughter. 
Etaferaw began caring for little Chala when he was found abandoned and brought to the orphanage as an infant.  Over time, she witnessed the wonder of adoption as children were adopted from the orphanage by couples in their community.  
Etaferaw and Girma made the decision to attend an adoption workshop for the express purpose to adopt Chala who Etaferaw had become very attached to (and he to her!).  In July 2015, Girma and Etaferaw stood before the Ethiopian judge and agreed to love and protect and give full rights as a son to their special little boy.

Permanency for children.  That is our goal for every child assigned to the Mana Gammachuu orphanage.  We actively instill vision for adoption in the Christian Ethiopian community through adoption workshops that provide a biblical perspective of adoption and prepare interested families to legally adopt one of the cuties from Mana Gammachuu.  You can help an Ethiopian adoptive family cover the cost of a homestudy and the required training with your financial gift here
We are changing a culture – one family, one community at a time – addressing the orphan crisis in Ethiopia through domestic adoption.