I don’t know about you but I have a LOT of bibles in my house… NIV, NLT, ESV, KJV, MSG, Thompson Chain, Phillips, study bibles, even my old Living Bible from high school brightly underlined with Flair markers.  And now I have an app on my phone where I can get all of these versions (and more!) with a swipe of my finger.

If I’m honest, all of these bibles are taken completely for granted.

Anytime I want, I can read a passage, meditate on God’s perspective, find answers to the questions I have and redirect my wandering heart according to His Truth.  Do I often stop and think about what a gift I hold in my hands?

For new believers in Ethiopia, having God’s Word is not a given.


For those who are new to faith in Christ, it is an invaluable discipleship and teaching tool.  God’s word is the living and active means of transforming minds previously shaped by error.

A solar-powered audio bible holds hundreds of hours of Old and New Testament scripture in the native language of the listeners.  It is a sturdy little piece of technology enabling many to hear the Word for the first time.


We have the opportunity to take many audio bibles to Ethiopia in October to distribute to new believers in Christ but we need your help!

Each audio bible costs only $50 and can be donated via our Gift Catalog here.  You can also give a hard-copy bible here.

audio bible

THANK YOU for helping us share the Truth with many people hungry for God’s word!