New Hope for the Future

K-69 Tigist
Tigist is the mother of a 10-year-old girl and 2 ½-year-old boy and was one of the desperately poor in Ethiopia, with little hope for anything better. Once she was stabilized through Adoption Ministry 1:27, she began selling a few vegetables alongside the road. A year ago she received a small loan to enlarge that business. Today she sells a variety of fruits and vegetables in a rented stall in the main marketplace. Her next step is to invest in charcoal and sell that, too. We are so proud of Tigist!

Entrepreneur of the Year?

K-0037 Bethlehem
Bethlehem could easily compete for an “Entrepreneur of the Year” award. At the end of December 2014, Bethlehem received a no-interest loan to open a shop selling women’s items. She soon included fruits and vegetables and most recently added a coffee shop! Give this gal an inch and she’ll run a mile… maybe two!

A Broken Heart Gives to Others

K-0052 Hagritu
Hageritu’s husband abandoned her and their four children.  She was without hope and completely destitute when Adoption Ministry 1:27 became aware of her situation and took her in. She has since adopted two orphaned children in her community! Hageritu is highly motivated to make something of herself and she works long, hard hours selling charcoal – used for cooking fuel by most people in Ethiopia. She is making a profit and paying back her small loan.  We applaud her perseverance, her heart for others, and we cheer her on!

From Garbage Dump to Entrepreneur

K-0015 Wede
Weda used to scavenge for food at the garbage dump. What a difference the help given by Adoption Ministry 1:27 has made in her life and that of her three children! Weda highly values education so she has done her best to be sure all of her children attend school regularly and get good grades. She also values self-sufficiency.  Her sponsor fronted $388 for her to start a charcoal selling business. Weda works 12 hour days buying charcoal from wholesalers, bringing it to her home, and re-selling it to her community. This hard working mother is determined to lift herself out of poverty and give a brighter future to her children. She is doing fantastic and is a wonderful role model for her children.

THANK YOU to all who have invested in the lives of women like Tigist, Bethlehem, Hageritu and Wide through financially supporting an IGA (Income-Generating Activity).  Find out how to give the gift of a new future on our website here.