by Jeff Burns in Addis Ababa


The University of Kentucky team arrived late last night into Addis Ababa. After checking in we gathered for a bite to eat before crashing for the night.

Friday morning brought some refreshed bodies ready to see the city, to serve the needy and to have our eyes opened wide to how so much of the rest of the world exists daily.
We went to a local church (Meserete Kristos Nifas Silk) and heard a number of woman share the hope that they have because a family in the United States has sponsored them and with those funds they no longer wonder where their next meal will come from and if it will be today or not until tomorrow. 
The team made bags of essential foods for a number of families and also some new mattresses, sheets, blankets, and pillows and for a couple of families, and bed frame with head board as well.
These are items that this team has paid for and that Mark, along with the local case manager, buys based on what will best meet each family’s needs.  It was amazing to see them walking out with their gifts and to see this awesome team of young people carry bedding, food and other necessities for these widows. There was some amazement at how small the room was that some of the families called their home.
It has been a great start and tomorrow will bring new opportunities to have our eyes and our hearts opened even more!